Monday, March 22, 2010
You were the sex dream of my magazine,
you blew my mind like no one of the human kind.
You were the only one I could ever speak,
this secret language between us in the sheets.

You made my mind and body so high,
you turned this wild child into a lady by night.
And when I met you long ago, I was so alone,
my heart was beating so fast I had to write this song, and it goes.

You make me feel so beautiful,
Its like the sun is always shining when you are in control.
You are my mister mystery and
Theres no way I can explain the way you make me feel.

Late night loving on your balcony,
Im feeling wobbly at the knees who thought that would be me.
You lift me up to where I want to be, you make everything so clear I can finally see...

You are, the one that I always think about.
My first love that I made this song about.
You know me well and you always make me feel,
like Im the one and I know your love is real.

I love it when you whisper in my ear,
you say the sweetest things that I wanted to hear.
I never thought I would feel this way,
and when I leave you in the morning I think of you all day.

I feel so peaceful after we make love,
I lay into forever just like the sweetest drug.
And the whole world around us stops and stares,
it feels so good to fall asleep knowing that you are there..